Best Home Security System for Seniors in 2023

Your loved ones are vulnerable to burglars and intruders who would do them harm, especially as they age. Maintaining their independence while also ensuring their safety is a difficult task.

Thankfully, a home security system is one of the best ways to keep your loved ones safe in their homes. By partnering with a top security provider, you can have peace of mind about your family’s protection.

In this blog, you’ll find the best home security systems for seniors. We’ve based these rankings on:

  • Each system’s capabilities
  • How easy the system is to use
  • The additional features offered by each solution

Keep reading to find the right home protection system for your elderly parents and loved ones.

1. ADT

ADT is the oldest and most popular security provider in the industry. It offers some of the best equipment, as well as several extra features that make it an ideal choice for seniors.

This company’s security system is both sophisticated enough to defeat burglars and simple enough for anyone to use. You can use a variety of motion sensors, door/window sensors, and glass break sensors to watch for break-ins. Smart emergency alarms will keep your family safe from fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

ADT’s professional installation service ensures that every device is set up correctly. Its professional monitoring service relies on nine monitoring centers, creating the industry’s most reliable response team.

Additionally, ADT’s range of Nest Cams allows you to keep an eye on your loved one from afar. The built-in facial recognition option can even let you know whether a stranger or someone you know is approaching the front door. You can access the real-time camera feeds to make sure everything is okay.

Along with these security features, ADT offers a medical alert system made specifically for seniors. This system includes fall detection, GPS tracking, and panic capabilities. In any emergency, your parent can quickly call for help. More importantly, the monitoring team will alert you to the situation so you can support your loved one during recovery.

Some additional reasons to choose ADT include:

  • This provider is one of the only companies that still offers wired security systems, a great choice for homes without Wi-Fi
  • You can add an identity protection service to your account to guard against scams and theft
  • Its smart home options allow you to simplify and ease your loved one’s lifestyle

While not the cheapest option, this system is still fairly affordable. ADT requires a minimum 36-month contract for every customer.

2. Vivint

For a luxury home security system, Vivint is your top choice. This provider has produced its own line of high-tech equipment packed with features. You will pay more for this option than most systems, but it’ll be worth the extra cost. 

You can pay the full equipment price upfront to avoid a contract or finance your system with a long-term service agreement.

Like ADT, Vivint provides all of the equipment you need to protect the home, including sensors, safety alarms, and security cameras. All of this gear includes smart capabilities, offering endless home automation opportunities.

Plus, you can get the perfect combination of equipment with Vivint’s Senior Alert System. This package includes an emergency pendant, security sensors, safety alarms, a touchscreen control panel, an indoor camera, and a 24/7 professional monitoring service. You can rely on this system to protect your loved one while also making their life more convenient.

For instance, you can coordinate the security system, smart locks, and smart security cameras to guard against burglars. Vivint’s cameras offer an exclusive Smart Sentry feature, which actively repels lurkers. You can also automate lighting, heating/cooling, and more to keep your loved one’s home more comfortable.

Most importantly, the smart thermostats, locks, and door/window sensors work together to protect your loved one during a fire or CO leak. The thermostat will automatically adjust the airflow to keep the air as clean as possible. The sensors and locks will disengage to help people get out while getting first responders inside faster.

Despite these high-end capabilities, Vivint’s home security system is easy to use. It offers professional installation to make the set-up easier. Your loved one will also have a professional monitoring team watching out for any alerts. 

With this security provider’s robust, luxury system, you can have full confidence in your loved one’s safety.

3. SimpliSafe

Out of these three options, SimpliSafe is definitely the best for families on a budget. It’s a simpler system, which decreases the cost of its equipment. As a DIY home security system, you can also avoid any extra fees for installation and monitoring.

You won’t have to sign a contract with this company, though you can choose to pay for an optional monthly monitoring plan.

Though SimpliSafe’s equipment isn’t as flashy as its competitors, it still offers the security capabilities your loved one needs. You can add a variety of sensors to detect attempted break-ins, as well as a network of security cameras to watch over the home. Its limited smart home integrations allow you to create automations and control the devices remotely. 

This security provider also provides emergency alarms to protect your loved one from carbon monoxide and fires.

You will install the equipment yourself, following the easy peel-and-stick instructions to set the system up. Professional installation is available as well, though it requires an additional fee.

If you choose to monitor the system yourself as well, you will have to stay ready to respond to any alerts to make sure your senior remains safe. For more robust protection, you can use SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring service.

Though this company doesn’t offer a system specifically for seniors, its simple equipment is a great option. Plus, you can add a key fob to the equipment package so your loved one has a panic button that they can carry with them. To add this option, you will have to sign up for a 24/7 monitoring plan.

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