The 6 Best Wireless Outdoor Home Security Cameras of 2022

Outdoor security cameras can help you catch potential threats before they enter your home. If you hear something suspicious or simply want to see what’s happening when you’re not around, you can quickly get a view of your property.

Setting up a wired outdoor camera, however, is often complicated and frustrating. You will either have to hire a professional installer or take the time to do it yourself — hopefully without drilling multiple holes in the wall or messing up the wiring.

Wireless outdoor cameras offer all of the benefits of home security without the fuss of complex installations. With these devices, you can enjoy:

  • More consistent recording, even during power outages
  • Simpler installation and set-up
  • Internet connectivity, including live video streams
  • Increased security

If you’re in the market for a wireless outdoor camera, you may be overwhelmed by the number of products available. To help you find the best option, we’ve narrowed the list to the 6 best wireless outdoor security cameras for your home. 

See why these cameras are our top picks and how they can benefit you below.

Our Top Picks

Blink Outdoor Wireless

Why we love it:

  • Local and cloud storage options
  • Ability to arm/disarm
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting battery life
Video quality

This camera offers 1080p video, giving you a clear look at anything your camera captures. Its 110-degree camera lens and infrared night vision ensure that you can see what’s happening outside, no matter when it happens.

Easy to install

You can easily install the weatherproof Blink Outdoor Wireless camera using its simple mounting bracket. Once you know which area you want to cover, you can install it in minutes. The camera runs off of two AA batteries that can last up to two years, depending on use. 

Your camera will connect to a Blink Sync Module 2, which will be placed inside your home. These devices use your internet connection to upload video and connect the camera to the mobile app.

Mobile app

Even though this camera is more cost-effective, it still offers several high-end features. With the Blink app, you can access live feeds from any of your cameras. If something trips the motion sensor, the app will send you a notification so you can investigate.

Some of the other options include:

  • Setting custom detection zones to minimize false alarms
  • Adjusting the camera’s motion detection sensitivity
  • Customizing clip length
  • Choosing the retrigger time between recordings
  • Disarming the camera when it’s not needed to save battery life and storage space

You can also get temperature readings from the camera through the app.

Amazon Alexa integration

The Blink Outdoor camera integrates directly with Amazon Alexa to give you more convenient control over your device. Use voice commands to pull your video feeds up on your phone or to disarm your camera. For a budget-friendly option, this is one of its top benefits.

Multiple storage options

Like many wireless security cameras, the Blink Outdoor device offers cloud storage capabilities. You will have to sign up for a Blink Subscription Plan, which can cost from $3-10 per month, to use this option.

Though many cameras only allow cloud storage, this option also enables local storage. You can save clips and photos to the Blink Sync Module, viewing them on the app or transferring them to a USB flash drive.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Why we love it:

  • Color night vision
  • No additional hub needed
  • Sharp video quality
  • Motion-trigger spotlight
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations
Sharp, clear video

Outdoor cameras are only useful if they provide a high-quality look at everything happening outside. There’s no doubt that the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera delivers the crisp video you need.

This security camera offers 2K HDR resolution and a 160-degree lens, giving you a wide and clear view of your home and yard. Its spotlight is motion-activated to capture more details at night, enabling color video at any hour. You can also disable the spotlight to use black-and-white infrared night vision.

Easy set-up

Once you have your camera, all you have to do is find a good place to install it. The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight doesn’t require a hub, so you will only need to hook it up to your Wi-Fi to get started. 

If you want a local storage option, however, you can purchase an Arlo Base Station or SmartHub device separately. 

Smart security

To enjoy this camera’s full features, you will need to sign up for an Arlo Secure plan. One camera will cost $2.99 per month. For unlimited cameras, you will pay $9.99 per month.

Your Arlo Secure subscription includes:

  • Custom detection zones
  • Advanced analytics that can differentiate between packages, people, animals, and vehicles
  • Emergency Response feature, which dispatches emergency help
  • Animated video previews
  • 30 days of cloud storage
  • Advanced customizations and notifications

The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera also integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google devices, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. You can strengthen your smart home and make security easier with these seamless connections.

Mobile app

Even without an Arlo Secure plan, you can access your camera through the mobile app. View live feeds and recorded videos from anywhere. If you get a motion notification, you can turn on the spotlight, talk with anyone you see using the two-way communication feature and sound the alarm.

SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Why we love it:

  • Color night vision
  • Two Wi-Fi antennas for a stronger connection
  • Sharp video quality
  • Plug-in power option
Crisp video quality

You can get a clear look at everything your camera captures with its 1080p quality, 140-degree field of view, and 8x digital zoom. The built-in spotlight adds color to any video captured at night, though you can also disable this option and use the two infrared LEDs for traditional black-and-white video.

Simple installation

Easily mount the SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera wherever you get the best coverage. The rechargeable battery should last 3-6 months, depending on usage. If you’d rather skip battery changes, you can purchase a power cord separately and install the camera near an outlet.

This camera is equipped with two Wi-Fi antennas to strengthen your internet connection and offer more reliable coverage.

Smart monitoring

When your camera detects motion, it will record a 10-second clip. If the motion continues, the camera will record until it can no longer detect movement. With the SimpliSafe monitoring plans, you can download and view unlimited recordings. 

The Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings plan ($9.99) works for up to five cameras. You can use up to 10 cameras with an Interactive Monitoring plan ($24.99), which also includes emergency responder dispatch.

As part of the SimpliSafe Gen 3 system, which is required for use, this camera will activate whenever your alarm system is triggered. It will also sound the siren and turn on the spotlight during an alert.

Mobile app

Use the SimpliSafe mobile app to view live streams of all your cameras. You can also speak to anyone in the frame using the two-way communication feature. 

Additional features include:

  • Adjusting video quality settings
  • Turning motion detection on and off, as well as adjusting the sensitivity
  • Enabling/disabling color night vision
  • Setting custom detection zones

Ring Stick Up Cam

Why we love it:

  • Long battery life, including a solar connection option
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Extensive customization settings
  • Color night vision
  • Includes multiple mounting options
Easy to set up

When you are installing your own outdoor security cameras, it’s always nice to get multiple options for simple set-ups. The Ring Stick Up Cam includes all the mounting screws, anchors, and screwdrivers you need to mount it up high or install it on a flat surface. You can also mount the camera to a ceiling inside, if you prefer.

You can have the camera ready to use in minutes. Its 1080p resolution and 130-degree lens offer a wide, clear view of your property. This camera offers color vision for both infrared and non-infrared night vision for a better view in the dark.

Multiple power options

The Ring Stick Up Cam uses rechargeable batteries and can go months between recharges. If you’d prefer a different power option, you can purchase kits to convert your camera to plug-in or solar power.

Extensive customizations

Though you have to use this camera with a Ring security system, you have more control over how it operates than many other outdoor cameras. 

For example, you can adjust settings such as:

  • Motion detection sensitivity, including telling the camera to only notify you when it detects a person
  • Custom detection zones
  • Setting a schedule for motion detection
  • Creating different settings for Disarmed, Home, and Away modes
  • Blocking out your neighbor’s property with privacy zones
Mobile app

The Ring app is one of the best on the market. You can easily view previously recorded videos, pull up live feeds, and check on the health of your battery and camera. Use the two-way communication function to speak to anyone in the yard. You will also get notifications when your motion sensors are triggered.
Signing up for a Ring Protect plan includes access to 60 days of videos, the option to share footage, and more extensive notifications. These plans range from $3 per device per month to $20 for unlimited devices per month.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor

Why we love it:

  • Sleek design
  • Magnetic base makes installation and positioning easy
  • Google Home integrations
  • Multiple power options
  • Three hours of free cloud storage
Strong, smart security

The Google Nest Cam offers numerous security-focused features. First, its 1080p HDR video resolution provides crystal clear evidence of everything happening around your home. It also has very sharp night vision.

This camera uses smart analytics to understand the difference between people, animals, and vehicles. With this feature, you will have fewer false alarms. It also offers Familiar Faces technology, using smart software to automatically identify frequent visitors.

Wireless cameras don’t depend on your home for power, but they do need an internet connection to upload and save video. If your internet or power fails, the Google Nest Cam will save up to an hour of video recorded during the outage so you can still see what happened during the blackout.

Simple and secure installation

Installation is made easy by this camera’s magnetic base. Once you’ve mounted the base, the camera snaps into place. You can then easily adjust it to find the perfect angle. Plus, as an added security measure, Google has designed the camera to only work with the magnetic base to discourage thieves.

Depending on your preference, you can either run the Nest Cam on batteries or purchase a power cord separately. Battery life will depend on how many events it picks up, but the batteries should last for about 2-7 months before they need to be changed.

Smart home integrations

As a Google device, this camera integrates easily with your Google Home system. It also connects with any smart displays, tablets, or TVs that use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can easily pull up live feeds from your cameras on these devices with voice commands.

Mobile app

You can use the Google Home app to customize your settings, communicate with anyone near the camera, and get instant notifications. If you want to receive fewer alerts, for example, you can toggle individual notifications for people, animals, vehicles, and general motion.

The app also includes:

  • Camera and battery health diagnostics
  • Live video feeds and up to three hours of free recorded footage, even without a paid plan
  • Animated previews
  • Motion sensitivity settings
  • Custom detection zones
  • Video length and quality settings

Though you can use this camera with a free Google account, some features require a plan, such as calling local emergency services through the app and using facial recognition. The Nest Aware ($6 per month) and Nest Aware Plus ($12 per month) also include access to up to 60 days of recordings.

eufyCam 2 Wireless

Why we love it

  • Local and cloud storage options
  • Several smart integrations
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • No cloud plan required
  • Budget-friendly
Top-quality design

View both live and recorded videos in clear, 1080p HD resolution. The eufyCam 2 Wireless has a 120-degree lens and four infrared LEDS, which offers better night-vision quality. Made for outdoor use, this camera has an IP67 rating, which means it is both weatherproof and waterproof.

Your camera comes with two stand options, a magnetic dome and screw-in base, for installation flexibility. The battery will last for up to a year without needing to recharge.

You will also need to use a eufy Security HomeBase device to connect your camera to the internet and access its video footage.

Flexible storage options

Many wireless cameras require a cloud subscription to access previously recorded videos. With the eufyCam 2 Wireless, your footage will be saved on the eufy HomeBase’s internal memory. You can use the app to view up to 265 days worth of video.

Using local storage also allows the system to analyze your footage through AI on the HomeBase device. This increases your privacy, since it doesn’t have to stream online. Local analysis typically takes less time than cloud options, so you can get quicker notifications.

If you prefer a cloud option, you can sign up for one of eufy’s cloud subscription plans. These plans range from $2.99 per month per camera to $9.99 per month for up to 10 cameras.

Smart home integrations

Increase your convenience with this camera’s smart home integrations. The eufyCam 2 Wireless connects with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit systems. Use your smart assistant to view your videos on connected devices and through voice commands.

Mobile app

The mobile app offers customization options, instant notifications, and access to your video streams. Utilize the two-way communication feature, sound the camera’s siren, and adjust your settings. 

You can use the app to:

  • Set schedules for your cameras
  • Create custom detection zones
  • Adjust motion-detection sensitivity, including reacting to all movement or people only
  • Customize Home, Away and Custom modes
  • Turn on geofencing, so the camera automatically enters Away mode when it can no longer detect your phone in a set radius

With the app, you can choose to prioritize battery life (which creates shorter video clips) or security (for longer clips). This setting includes custom options for clip length and retrigger times.

When you access any events that have been flagged in your recorded videos, the app will show a small thumbnail of any faces captured in the video. You can click on the thumbnail to view, download, and share the video as needed.

What to look for in an outdoor wireless security camera

Whether you go with one of our top picks or choose another option, it’s important to look for several specific features in an outdoor security camera. Use these tips to find a device that will withstand outdoor conditions, provide clear video, and include access to your footage when you need it.

1. Reliably weatherproof

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor security cameras is weatherproofing. Since these devices stay outside, they are exposed to extreme temperatures, wind, rain, and more.

Generally, a camera that is rated IP65 is rugged enough to withstand the elements. An IP67 rating also includes waterproofing, which may be nice if your camera may be exposed to large quantities of water.

If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, make sure the camera you choose can function in these conditions. Some cameras may have battery or connectivity issues during freezes or heat waves.

2. Sharp night vision

Fewer people are awake and outside at night, meaning thieves have a better chance of committing crimes without being seen. Your cameras ensure that any intruders or car thieves are captured on video, even if you don’t see the activity yourself. 

If you want your footage to provide useful information, you have to use an outdoor camera with high-quality night vision. Grainy or blurry footage won’t help you identify the culprits, what they’re wearing, or license plate numbers.

Look for a camera with either black-and-white or color night vision. You can also choose a device with a built-in spotlight, which can make details clearer and scare any intruders away at the same time.

3. Convenient storage options

Nearly all security cameras require additional monthly subscriptions to access cloud storage and additional features. Some devices include local storage, but this isn’t a standard feature for most cameras. If you’d prefer to keep your video on a hard drive, make sure the products you consider have this option.

You should also compare the different subscription options included with each camera. You may find that the number of cameras supported on the plan or the capabilities included don’t quite meet your needs. Each service has unique features, so make sure you are getting the best value for your money. 

4. Ideal power options

Wireless cameras, as you might guess, run on battery power. How long these batteries last, however, depends on the device you choose. When considering battery life, think about these questions:

  • Are the batteries rechargeable? If yes, how long does it take to recharge them? If no, how many new batteries will I have to pay for in a year?
  • Is it hard to access the batteries?
  • Is there a lot of activity around my home that will trigger the camera frequently and run down the battery life quickly?

Some cameras include additional power options. If you don’t want to deal with the cost or effort involved in charging or replacing batteries, one of these cameras might be better. You can, for example, find a camera that has a wired option, usually available with a power cord that you buy separately. Other cameras have solar power options, using sunlight to keep the batteries charged at all times.

It’s also important to consider the weather conditions outside. Extreme temperatures can drain the batteries faster, so be sure to factor that into your considerations.

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