ADT Home Security Cameras – Indoor & Outdoor

Security cameras are quickly becoming the standard for home security systems. Video surveillance captures details about offenders and crimes, increasing the chances of catching them.

More importantly, just the presence of a security camera can burglars from targeting your home. When they see the camera outside and realize they might be caught on video, they are more likely to choose a home that doesn’t have robust security.
ADT offers both indoor and outdoor cameras to help you cover every vulnerable part of your home. By partnering with Google to offer its Nest Cameras, this provider gives customers access to the best technology on the market.

Key Takeaways
  • ADT offers three types of security cameras, the Indoor Nest Cam, Outdoor Nest Cam, and Outdoor Nest Cam with floodlights
  • These cameras offer extensive features, including intelligent analytics, facial recognition, and voice commands
  • Customize your settings, create automated routines, and access your devices through the ADT Control app
  • Security cameras make your home safer by giving you a window into your home and property
Table of Contents

    Pros and Cons


    • Choose from three options, including indoor, outdoor, and floodlight security cameras
    • Extensive capabilities and customizations
    • Wired and wireless options
    • Integrates with smart devices, including Google Home and Amazon Echo ecosystems
    • Nest Aware plan included in every security camera purchase

    • Nest cameras are pricier than other options
    • Nest Aware Plus subscription required for access to full range of features

    What cameras does ADT offer?

    When you can’t be home, your security cameras make sure that you are aware of everything that happens while you’re away. This is important for home security, but it also benefits your family and offers additional convenience.

    If you live with an elderly loved one, for example, you can check to make sure they are safe and comfortable. When your kids return to an empty house after school, you can see when they arrived and if they’ve rearmed your alarm system. You can also open your live video feed to check in on your pets or outdoor maintenance crews.

    ADT helps you feel confident about your home’s security with both indoor and outdoor cameras. You can easily and quickly check in with your home at any time, no matter what is happening with your day.

    Nest Cams

    Google has equipped its cameras with the latest and greatest technology. Though each device has its own features, which we will get into below, all three cameras offer some of the same cutting-edge capabilities.

    Let’s dive into these features.

    Intelligent analytics

    Modern security cameras do more than just record video. Intelligent analytics can tell the difference between people, animals, vehicles, and natural movement, such as tree branches moving in the wind. You will get fewer false alarms and fewer unnecessary alerts.

    The Nest Cams tell you when movement is detected and what is making that motion. You can update your settings to only get notifications if a specific type of movement is captured. If you have pets at home, for example, you can turn off the animal notification so you don’t an alert every time your dog enters the room.

    Sound analytics

    Your Nest Cam won’t just analyze what it sees. It will also listen for sounds that indicate security issues. Conspicuous sounds, such as glass breaking, will alert the device to a problem. Your Cam will then send you a notification so you are aware of the potential threat.

    Familiar Faces

    Want to know if the person visiting your home is a friend or foe? Your camera can tell you!

    Familiar Faces is a facial recognition software that learns to recognize people you know. The Nest Cam will create a library of the faces it sees. You can manage this library by changing the person’s name and deleting people you don’t know.

    When someone you know visits, the Nest Cam will send a notification to tell you who it is. If a stranger comes to the front door, the device will let you know that an unfamiliar person has arrived. It will also ask if you know the person so you can save them in your library.

    In your camera history, you can see the names of visitors you know. You’ll be able to see who stopped by while you were away and when.

    This is a premium feature that is only available with a Nest Aware Plus subscription.

    Live video streaming

    Nest Cams connect to the internet, providing real-time streaming from all of your security cameras. You can use your app or computer to pull up the feeds at any time. If a camera senses movement or your security system is tripped, you can immediately see what is happening at home.

    Additionally, you can view your live video on other smart devices. If you have a smart TV or a Google Nest Hub, for example, you can stream your live security camera footage there.

    Recorded videos

    Every camera includes 30 days of event video history with your Nest Aware plan, which is included in your ADT subscription. If something triggers your security system, your cameras will automatically record the event and save the video to the app. You can access the recordings to view them, as well as save and share clips.

    If you lose power or access to your Wi-Fi service, your cameras will automatically save up to an hour of recorded events. You can trust in your security, no matter the circumstances.

    If you upgrade to Nest Aware Plus, you will extend your event video history to 60 days. This plan also includes 10 days of continuous 24/7 recording so you can view footage before and after triggered events.

    Without a Nest Aware plan, your cameras will include three hours of free event history that you can view and save clips from.

    Personalized settings

    Like most smart devices, you can customize your camera settings to fit your preferences and routine.

    Create automated routines and choose when your cameras record, for example. You can have your cameras go into privacy mode and stop recording and streaming when you activate the Home routine. Or automatically start recording when you put them in Away mode.

    To further minimize false alarms, you can define custom activity zones. Telling your cameras which areas to monitor ensures you’re only alerted to the activity you care about. With an indoor camera, you can also use this feature to focus on certain parts of the room.

    Two-way communication

    Each camera includes a built-in speaker and microphone. Using your app, you can speak with anyone near the camera. If a child or elderly loved one is home alone, you can check in with them to make sure everything is okay.

    When an unknown person triggers your camera, this feature allows you to ask why they’ve entered your property. If they have bad intentions, showing them that you’re aware of their presence is often enough to scare them away.

    Powerful encryptions

    When your devices are connected to the internet, they are more vulnerable to hacking. Google has equipped its cameras with powerful encryptions to make sure that you are the only one who can access them. 

    The Nest Cams also use two-step verification to check the identity of the person logging in. As long as you protect your login information and use strong passwords, no one will be able to get to your devices.

    As an added bonus, your Nest Cams feature a small green LED light that activates when your camera starts recording or streaming video. Even with an indoor camera, you can rest assured that your privacy isn’t compromised.

    Indoor Nest Cam

    Indoor cameras can capture any intruders that make it inside your home. They can also provide a window into your home when you’re unable to be there. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can check your house for leaks, break-ins, and family emergencies.

    The Indoor Nest Cam features a 2-megapixel color sensor, 135° field of view, and 6x zoom. Combined with 1080p HD resolution and night vision, you can enjoy crystal clear video at any time of day or night. This camera also adjusts to the room’s lighting to make sure it captures all of the relevant details during an event.

    This camera is powered by a 10-foot power cable, so the ADT installer will place it near an outlet. You can ask them to place it on a shelf or piece of furniture, as well as choosing to mount it to the wall.

    A strong Wi-Fi connection allows you to remotely access the camera, watch live-streamed video, and get mobile notifications about the events it detects.

    The Indoor Nest Cam integrates with other smart devices to automate your routines and offer additional features. If you want to know when your kids get home from school, for example, you can set your indoor camera to record a clip when your front door’s smart lock unlocks. You will get both an automatic notification and a chance to view their arrival for greater peace of mind.

    Outdoor Nest Cam

    If you’re not sure about adding security cameras to your home, an Outdoor Nest Cam is a great place to start. This device watches over your home and property, capturing any suspicious events that happen while you’re asleep or away.

    Burglars sometimes lurk outside of homes to decide if they are a good target. Your camera will capture a video of this person and let you know that they have entered your property. When the burglar sees the camera, they may decide to move on to a home that isn’t as protected.

    The Outdoor Nest Cam is equipped with a 2-megapixel color sensor, 135° field of view, and 6x zoom. It captures 1080p video, providing a high-definition view of any events. Its six high-powered infrared LEDs provide up to 20 feet of night vision footage to cover everything that may threaten your safety.

    Personalized activity zones are especially important for outdoor cameras. You can outline the edges of your property or the areas you’re most concerned about. If you don’t want to get a notification every time a raccoon crosses the yard, you can adjust the movement notifications to only react to people or vehicles.

    When you get this device through ADT, you can choose either a wired or wireless design. The wired design can be connected to your home through a weatherproof cable. The professional installer will find the best location and properly install it for the best view and power set-up.

    The wireless camera is battery-powered. The rechargeable battery can last up to seven months, depending on the amount of activity it records every day. ADT will still handle the installation, but its wireless design makes mounting it a bit easier. The installer will attach its magnetic base to the ideal location and easily adjust the camera to find the best angle.

    To optimize your battery life, you can:

    • Adjust the video quality
    • Lower the wake-up sensitivity
    • Shorten the event-triggered recording length
    • Use activity zones or a better angle to block high-traffic areas
    • Increase the amount of time the camera waits between recorded events
    • Select a location that protects the camera from the cold
    • Turn on the battery saver feature to automatically adjust its settings

    This camera can also be connected to a power outlet through the included USB cable to eliminate the need to recharge the battery.

    Outdoor Nest Cam with floodlights

    As mentioned, the Outdoor Nest Cam can see up to 20 feet in the dark. This allows the camera to capture events at night, but it can’t offer the same level of fine detail that it captures during the day.

    The Outdoor Nest Cam with floodlights resolves this issue with its dual lights. Its built-in motion sensor activates the two floodlights when it senses movement. Equipped with a maximum brightness of 2400 lumens, these lights fully illuminate the area in front of the camera.

    The camera features a 130° field of view, 6x zoom, and 2-megapixel sensor. It has a single motion sensor with a 110° horizontal field of view.  The attached floodlights have two motion sensors, both with a 180° field of view. These motion sensors can detect movement up to 25 feet away.

    Like the Outdoor Nest Cam, you can choose either a wired or battery-powered option. The floodlights will need to replace an existing floodlight, so the ADT tech will identify the best one to replace and wired the device into the electrical box.

    Along with illuminating your property for better video, the floodlights offer several ways to personalize their use. These customizations include:

    • Creating routines that automatically turn the lights on and off when triggered, such as turning them on when your front door unlocks or the security system is disarmed
    • Scheduling the lights to turn on and off at specific times, such as when you leave in the morning or get home at night
    • Turning the brightness up or down, based on your preference
    • Automatically adjusting the brightness at specific times of day or night
    • Controlling and adjusting the lights through the app when you’re away from home
    • Adjusting the sensitivity of your motion sensor

    If you use other smart devices or have your phone, you can use voice commands to turn the lights on and off as needed.

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    What type of security camera is best?

    It’s important to use a camera that is compatible with your security system and includes all the features you need. Along with basic functions like video streaming and two-way communication, you should also look for intelligent analytics, smart notifications, and extensive customization options.

    If you have questions about the Nest Cams or you need advice about how many security cameras to choose, ADT is here to help. During your free consultation, a security expert will review your home and property to determine the ideal coverage options. You can share your concerns and preferences to make sure that your system will meet all your needs.

    Below, we’ve included some questions to ask while designing your home security system.

    Are indoor security cameras worth it?

    Indoor security cameras are an important second line of defense for your home. In the event someone is able to enter while your system is disarmed, this camera will capture their footage and alert you to the intrusion.

    An indoor camera is crucial if your home experiences an emergency while you’re away. If a flood or smoke sensor is triggered, for instance, you can use your camera to check on the house.

    Having extra eyes inside is beneficial if cleaning crews, repair teams, or other strangers have to come to the house, especially if you can’t be there. Your video footage may become valuable proof if your home is damaged or vandalized during their visit.

    Finally, an indoor camera helps you be there for your family. When kids, elderly loved ones, and pets are home alone, your camera is an important line of contact. For example, if someone falls or gets hurt and is unable to get to a phone, they can communicate through your camera. You can act quickly to get them help, no matter where you are.

    Are outdoor security cameras worth it?

    Even if you’re not comfortable with an indoor camera, an outdoor device is worth the investment. You can’t see everything that happens outside, leaving you vulnerable to potential threats.

    An outdoor camera alerts you to any suspicious activity. You can speak to anyone outside, determining if they are a danger before they attempt entry. You will then be able to get help faster.

    Without a camera, you may not be aware of a car thief until it’s too late. The Outdoor Nest Cam’s instant alerts allows you to stop the crime before you suffer damage or loss.

    Whether you use one outdoor camera or several, this extra protection may be crucial to your home and family’s safety.

    Are ADT security cameras worth it?

    By partnering with Google to offer its Nest Cams, ADT gives its customers the best of convenience and protection. Your cameras will work seamlessly with your security system, giving you more options for automation. They also provide detailed information about any crime or emergency, helping you get the help you need as soon as possible.

    Along with the perks detailed above, here are a few more reasons why ADT’s Nest Cams are worth the price.

    Nest Aware Plus

    ADT includes a Nest Aware subscription with any camera you purchase. If you want access to 60 days worth of video events, twice as much as you get with Nest Aware plan, you have to upgrade to a Nest Aware Plus plan. This option also offers 10 days of uninterrupted, 24/7 footage.

    Professional 24/7 monitoring

    With ADT, you’re not the only one keeping an eye on your security. If your security system detects a threat, the professional monitoring team will use your cameras to help assess the situation. They can use this information to brief emergency responders and get the right service to your home.

    To add video support to your ADT home security system, you will need to subscribe to the top-tier monitoring plan.

    Professional installation

    Cameras can be a bit tricky to install. You have to find the location and angle that offers the best coverage. If you’re using a wired outdoor option, you may have to drill through the wall to connect the camera to the electrical system.

    Thankfully, ADT handles all of the hard work so you don’t have to.

    A security expert will evaluate your home and make a recommendation about the number of cameras that will provide the optimal coverage. They will also determine the best locations for each.

    During your installation appointment, they will set all of your equipment up. Along with making it easier for you, this ensures that everything is connected and working properly. The tech will show you how to use your equipment, including your cameras. If you have any questions, they can provide you with the answers.

    Using the combined power of ADT and Nest Cams gives you security you can trust.

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