Vivint Home Security Cameras

Today, no home security system is complete without cameras. Along with capturing footage of thieves and suspicious activity, security cameras today give you a window into and around your home at all times.

But that’s just where Vivint’s security camera capabilities begin.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to two of Vivint’s top-of-the-line indoor and outdoor cameras. You’ll learn what they offer, how they can integrate with your security system, and why customers love them. From smart device connections to extensive customization options, you’ll discover just what makes Vivint home security cameras a top investment for anyone.

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Pros and Cons


  • Industry-leading technology
  • Custom surveillance zones for all cameras
  • Active deterrence for outdoor cameras
  • Two-way communication
  • Motion detection
  • Smart Clips
  • Real-time footage available through the app
  • Home automation integrations

  • Cameras are pricey
  • Have to pay more to include video in monitoring package
  • Outdoor cameras are hardwired

Vivint home security cameras

A combination of cameras is the best way to keep your home and family safe. Outdoor cameras can capture anyone suspicious around the home, including thieves that are looking for homes to target. You can even capture footage of the vehicle and license plate they use.

An indoor camera captures any activity inside, including break-ins and intruders. If you need to keep an eye on someone at home, such as a pet or elderly relative, you can use your indoor camera to monitor their well-being.

Vivint’s line of security cameras includes both of these devices, as well as a top-rated doorbell camera, to offer a strong security solution. Let’s learn more about the indoor and outdoor security cameras it offers.

The Ping Indoor Camera

The Ping Indoor Camera is the perfect way to keep an eye on the inside of your home. No matter what occurs, you can view the event in real-time and have a high-quality recording to give to law enforcement, if needed.

Vivint Indoor Camera

This wireless device is fairly small, just 5.2” tall and 3.2” in diameter. Its round base makes it easy to place in whichever location offers the best view. Plus, its adjustable tilt allows you to set it at any height without sacrificing a full view.

There’s no reason to use a camera that doesn’t provide a clear picture, so Vivint has equipped this device with:

  • 1080p HD resolution for crystal clear video
  • A 155° wide-angle lens to capture a full shot of the room
  • Infrared night vision
  • 10x zoom

It also includes an LED ring that lights up in different colors to show the camera’s status. These modes include:

  • Green and red while you’re setting it up
  • Blue when you initiate a call
  • White when the camera is connected and working

Now that you know how it’s built, let’s explore the many features it offers.

Communication capabilities

Vivint doesn’t force you to be a silent viewer to anything happening in your home. The Ping includes a two-way talk function that you can use to talk with anyone in the room. You can use this feature to:

  • Warn an intruder that they are being recorded and the police are on the way
  • Speak to children or pets that are getting into trouble
  • Communicate with sick or elderly loved ones during a medical emergency

Better yet, this indoor camera also has a One-Way Callout feature. If you can’t find your phone or simply want to speak to your partner without getting up, you can press the button on top of the device to reach them through the app.

24/7, live-streamed recordings

Many home security cameras only record video when they are activated by motion or an alert from your security system. Vivint’s cameras record every minute of the day to ensure they capture every important moment.

You can access this footage at all times through the app, checking on your home in real-time. If you have Vivint’s Smart Drive storage device, you can access all of this footage for up to 30 days.

If your camera is activated, it will automatically create and flag 20-second clips until the event or movement ends. Your system will notify you after creating these Smart Clips. Rather than sifting through the hundreds of hours of video taken by your camera, you can quickly find the footage you need with these automatic tags.

This feature is customizable, so you can choose to only use the motion-activated recording feature in “Away” mode or not at all.

Privacy Mode

When you turn Privacy Mode on through the app, your Ping indoor camera will no longer record or stream video. Vivint is one of the few security companies to offer this feature. 

You can customize this setting so Privacy Mode is automatically turned on whenever you disarm your system. As soon as your system is armed, your camera can immediately start recording again. If you have guests or just don’t want your camera recording while you’re home, this is a great feature to have.

Custom settings

Vivint offers some of the most extensive customization options in the industry. You can use these settings to find the perfect balance between security and convenience.

With these scheduling options, for example, you can set your cameras to record around your schedule. You can have your Ping camera record during the hours you’re away to both capture suspicious activity and make sure your kids get home from school safely.

You can also have your camera record if your safety alarms go off so you can quickly see what the problem might be. 

These custom actions are simple to set up through both the app and your Smart Hub control panel.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

An outdoor security camera watches over everything that happens outside of your home, events that you typically don’t see or even know about. More importantly, having a camera on the outside of your home can discourage thieves and help prevent break-ins.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro ensures you can record important activity. It also provides videos that are clear enough to provide the information you need. It uses a 4K HDR Sensor to capture video that’s even sharper than the Ping’s 1080p HD quality. Easily zoom into important details with 3x HD zoom. Equipped with infrared night vision, you can depend on it day and night.

The device is 2.8×2.8×5.9 inches and sits on a mounting arm and base with 360-degree positioning. Its 140° wide-angle lens captures a large view, ideal for an outdoor security camera. Since it’s made to be outdoors, this camera is IP65-rated and able to withstand water, dust, and typical weather conditions.

Many wireless outdoor security cameras have issues with internet connection, problems that affect your ability to watch real-time, high-quality video. Vivint has solved this problem with a hybrid wiring set-up. Your outdoor cameras are hardwired into your home, but also wirelessly connect to your Smart Hub. This ensures quick, high-quality video uploads without sacrificing the benefits of wireless connectivity.

Communication capabilities

The Outdoor Camera Pro is equipped with two microphones to capture any important audio. Paired with its speaker, these features allow you to communicate with anyone on your property. While this capability might be helpful for clearing things up with visitors who are supposed to be there, it’s also a useful way to scare away trespassers.

Smart Sentry

You aren’t the only one who can discourage break-ins. Your outdoor cameras are equipped with Smart Sentry technology, an automated security feature.

First, you can set a custom surveillance zone in your camera’s view. Identifying your property boundaries helps your camera know what to ignore and what might be a threat. Advanced analytics also makes sure that your cameras don’t sound false alarms when animals, natural movement from plants, or passers-by enter the marked area.

If someone enters this zone, the camera starts timing how long they stand within camera view. If they linger long enough to be labeled a lurker, your camera will sound a warning tone and activate the red ring around the lens. This tells the lurker that they’re being watched, hopefully scaring them off.

24/7, live-streamed recording

If you think you hear something outside during the night or get an alert, you can pull up the feed from all of your cameras on your phone in an instant. Along with saving you the effort of getting up to check outside, this capability guarantees that you can view important events as they happen.

You can also rely on your 24/7 recordings to identify events you might have missed. No matter how many cameras you have outside, you can use Smart Clips to quickly and easily find the footage you need. 

Privacy Mode

Outdoor cameras are great for security, but you might not want them recording while your family is in the pool or you’re having a party. 

Like the Ping camera, you can use the app to turn on Privacy Mode and prevent recordings at certain times. You can also choose which cameras you want to put in this mode so you can continue monitoring the rest of your property.

Car Guard

Vivint offers an easy way to keep an eye on your vehicle, both when you’re driving it and when it’s in the driveway. If Car Guard detects someone tampering with or even just bumping your vehicle while it’s parked at home, your outdoor cameras will automatically light up, sound an alert, and flag the event in the recording.

Custom settings

Along with setting your surveillance zones, you can choose the length of time lurking is permitted, how sensitive you want your motion detection to be, and which siren you prefer for the warning siren, including the option to turn it off.

If you use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to automate your home, you can integrate your outdoor security cameras with your smart network.

As with the Ping, you can access and change all of your settings, along with your videos, on your Smart Hub and app.

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What type of camera is best for home security?

You can find the best camera for your home’s security by determining what you want to protect. 

For an eye on what’s going on inside, an indoor security is the better choice. Monitoring what happens outside is likewise a job for an outdoor security camera.

Once you determine what your security priorities are, you can build the best security system.

Why should I use an indoor security camera?

The most obvious reason to use an indoor camera such as Vivint’s Ping camera is to capture visuals of anyone that breaks in. Even if you accidentally leave a door unlocked or forget to arm your alarm, you can still actively protect your home.

According to the FBI, 1,117,696 homes were burglarized in 2019. If you are a victim, your camera will alert you to the crime so you can get help and scare the intruder away quickly. It can also help law enforcement know who to look for.

A security camera shows what’s happening in your house while you’re away. This extra security is especially important if you’re out-of-town. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a break-in, your home will stay safe.

Lastly, an indoor security camera keeps an eye on your loved ones and valuables while others are in the house. It may discourage visitors from theft or bad behavior. Or, if you have a babysitter, it can help you watch over and protect your kids.

Why should I use an outdoor security camera?

Some thieves visit houses before they rob them to find the best way in and look for a home security system. An outdoor security camera shows that your house is carefully guarded. It’s also a sign that you have invested in a robust system, one they don’t want to mess with.

This deterrent extends to your property and vehicles. Vivint’s outdoor cameras, in particular, are a powerful warning to would-be car thieves. Pairing these devices with Car Guard almost guarantees that your vehicles will remain untouched.

Most importantly, outdoor cameras record the activities that don’t trigger a camera-less security solution. If someone spends too much time standing or wandering around your home, the Smart Sentry feature will make sure they move on. You won’t have to worry about what’s happening to your property because you can always check on it in a moment.

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Why should I use Vivint home security cameras?

Vivint provides everything you need to build a network of smart cameras that will proactively guard your home, family, and property. This company knows that cameras should do more than record burglaries and lurkers. Customizing how and when your security cameras work makes your system more effective in every emergency situation.

To ensure that customers get the most from their equipment, Vivint also offers additional equipment and services that support optimal use.

Smart Drive

As mentioned, your cameras will be recording 24/7. Even with one camera, this can be an overwhelming amount of video to store. Vivint gives you an easy way to both store and access your footage through its DVR device, Smart Drive.

By adding Vivint Smart Drive to your plan, you can access up to 30 days of continuous video footage from all of your cameras. Your smart system will automatically analyze your videos for any triggers and flag these clips to help you find them. 

Smart Drive integrates with your entire security system, so you can easily pull up any videos on the app or Smart Hub. If your system is also connected to your Amazon Alexa, you can even use voice commands to watch recorded footage on a Fire TV.

Professional monitoring

Once your cameras do their job of alerting you to intruders, you need someone who is ready to react to the break-in. Vivint relieves you of this responsibility with its 24/7 professional monitoring service.

As soon as something triggers your alarm, a professional security monitor will reach out to see if it was a false alarm or if you need help. They can then dispatch emergency services to your home.

If you’re at work, on vacation, or otherwise away, this service ensures that your home can remain protected

You can also reach out to this team for help through the app or Smart Hub. Easy two-way communication ensures support is just a few taps away.

Vivint offers several options for its monthly monitoring service. You will need to sign up for the highest-tier plan to include video monitoring.

Professional security consultation

Your cameras’ placements will determine whether you’re able to capture good images of anyone who breaks in. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure that out by yourself.

Once you connect with Vivint, the company will send a security expert to your home to evaluate your security needs. They will work with you to understand what you want from your system and determine the best equipment to use.

During this free consultation, the Vivint security expert will help you decide which type of camera you want and how many you need to cover your home and property. This extra step will give you more confidence in the system you build, giving you one more reason to love this security provider.

Professional installation

Your security system purchase includes free professional installation. The Vivint technician will bring your equipment to your home and set it up over a few hours.

Along with taking the work out of your system’s set up, professional installation guarantees that your cameras are installed correctly. Given the Outdoor Camera Pro’s hybrid wiring, this can save you a lot of time, frustration, and potential issues.

The installer will also know the right placement and angles for each camera. From day one, you can trust that they are all in the right place and working properly.

Quality and reliability

Finally, Vivint is known for its high-end technology and quality. You are not only getting the best devices on the market, but extensive customizations and reliable security support. While the Ping Indoor Camera and Outdoor Camera Pro may be a bit pricey, both devices are an investment in your protection.

If you value quality over price, Vivint home security cameras are an ideal choice.

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