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Smart home automation is the future of the way your home and connected devices work. The key component of home automation is staying connected. Keeping your smart devices talking with each other provides unrivaled entertainment and convenience, and keeps your family safe and connected. Keeping your house automated with smart door locks, smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, garage door controllers, smart video doorbell cameras and smart switches and plugs is simple and will make all the aspects of your home life easier and safer.

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Smart Home Equipment

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a huge upgrade from the traditional lock and key locks of old. With a smart lock, you can control your doors from anywhere. Smart door locks have different features like voice commands, email notifications to let you know when they are unlocked, and even tamper alarms for when someone is trying to tamper with or disarm your locks. Connect smart door locks to your home with an app or laptop and even set up access schedules. The convenience of a smart door lock is unmatched.

Vivint Smart Lock
Vivint Smart Plug

Smart Switches & Smart Plugs

Smart switches and plugs allow you to turn any outlet into a connected device. Utilize the full features of a connected smart home by connecting lamps, TVs, music systems, and gaming consoles to each other. Wireless connectivity and voice activation elevate your smart home entertainment.

Video Doorbell Cameras

Keeping your video doorbell cameras connected allows for some pretty amazing things. You can see who is at your door from a smartphone or tablet and even communicate with them. Smart video doorbell cameras help keep your family safe as well as help protect your property.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

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